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Press Release Submission is a new marketing tactic which is very effective in the promotion of a website. It is just like news release where the main objective of the promoter is to grab attention from journalists. The aim of a press release submission is to attract positive attention from the media for products marketed by the client.
Press release submission not only gets traffic to a website, but it also results in getting a lot of backlinks and thus it can easily increase the Google Page Rank of a website.

Here are the benefits of press release submission:
  • It drives targeted traffic to a website.
  • It increases the backlinks of a webpage.
  • It boosts the Google Page Rank of a website.
  • It enhances the search engine rankings of a website.
  • It increases your product sales.
  • It helps to get your pages crawled much faster by the search engines.

In our press release submission service, our experts will write and submit your press release to the top 80 press release websites. You will get a complete detailed report after the submission is complete.

For a limited time, we are also offering another service. We are offering a guaranteed service where your press release will be listed on the first position of Google News for your particular keyword. You will be listed at Rank 1 for your main keyword (which can be anything you want), and we will also try to list you at the top positions for 3-5 secondary keywords which you can provide. This is a guaranteed service or your money will be refunded. At the end, we will provide you with a screenshot showing you your position within Google News. You can also check it yourself by doing a search for your keyword.
Just imagine the amount of traffic you can receive with this. And think of the sales you can get with this type of targeted traffic because the traffic will directly be for your particular keyword and will come from the Google Network.

You will receive an email from us after your payment is processed. Please follow the URL inside it to complete your order.
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Press Release Writing And Submission

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Press Release Writing And Achieving No. 1 Position At Google News
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