On-Page Optimization
A website just cannot achieve a good search engine ranking by having a lot of backlinks. To ensure a good rank, the website itself should be SEO friendly. It should have unique content, the right html tags, a good meta title/description, and well optimized keywords with a good keyword density. It should also have all its image alt tags and internal links set up correctly. This will not only increase the rankings of the website but will also make the site more user-friendly.

In our On-Site Optimization Service, we do a full comparison and research on the niche of your website and its competitors. This includes a complete analysis on the keywords, content, competition, META tags, html tags, and the keyword frequency, weight, proximity and prominence. We also edit your websites keywords, description and title tags and make them more search engine friendly for the keywords for which you want a good rank.
After optimizing the META Tags of your web pages, our SEO experts prepare a complete report which is based on our analysis. The report tells you about the important changes required for your web page to get a better ranking for a particular keyword. This report also shows you some optional changes which you can make to further increase your rank. We will also create a Sitemap for your website to guide the search engine robots.

This is what is included in the service:
  • Business Analysis
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Content Analysis
  • Competition Analysis
  • Page Size Analysis
  • Keyword frequency, weight, prominence and proximity
  • Meta Tag Optimization
  • HTML Tags Analysis
  • Stemming and Plurality Evaluation
  • Other Information on improving the rankings

The report will be sent to you after we finish optimizing your website. It will be in PDF format and will be of more than 50 pages so it will require some good reading.

You will receive an email from us after your payment is processed. Please follow the URL inside it to complete your order.
Service Packages
On-Page Optimization
(Up to 5 Site Pages)
150 USD
On-Page Optimization
(Up to 12 Site Pages)
On-Page Optimization
(Up to 30 Site Pages)
600 USD


200 USD
3 Months
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Note - If you buy it using the subscription package of 3 months, your order will take longer to complete.
Note - If you buy it using the subscription package of 2 months, your order will take longer to complete.
290 USD


145 USD
2 Months
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