Inlapp SEO Services is a professional search engine optimization company from India. We work within a specified time frame providing cost effective SEO services to our clients. Using various quality control methods to offer our global innovative solutions and being experts in Search Engine Optimization, we understand your requirements and endeavour to exceed your expectations.
nothing works as good as manual directory submission for a website to increase its backlinks. This is exactly what we offer at Inlapp SEO Services. Our directory submission service is strictly manual and our 28 well trained staff members follow all submission guidelines while doing the submissions. Our service is cost effective with very competitive prices and is unique since we submit only to the best SEO-friendly directories with a high page rank.

Additionally, what differentiates us from our competitors is that we guarantee a massive amount of confirmation emails when you use our service. FOR EVERY 1000 SUBMISSIONS, WE GUARANTEE AT LEAST 800+ CONFIRMATION EMAILS. None of our competitors (at least in our knowledge) offer this, therefore making our service superior and unique.
You may have heard - "Content is King for the search engines in ranking a website." Based on that, let us ask you - "What good will promotion do if the content is not good enough?"
For a site to rank higher in the search engines, the content should be original, keyword rich, unique and of good quality. At Inlapp SEO services, we have a special team of experts who deliver the most well researched, keyword rich, and easy to read web content. We specialize in writing articles, product descriptions, technical reviews, tutorials, guides, e-books, and other web content.
Manual Directory Submission
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Complete All-In-One SEO Package
Article Writing
Article Submission
Article Submission is one of the best ways to get traffic to your website and build a lot of backlinks (all from different ip addresses). This brings a lot of links from high page ranked directories and helps in increasing your search engine ranking and website popularity. Moreover, your links will come from pages that suit your website content. This is because your backlinks will be included in your article pages. So the backlinks that you get will be related to your website.

In general, article submission can increase the sales, traffic, backlinks, Alexa, and Google Page Rank of a website. It is more effective than most other methods of online promotion and marketing.
On-Page Optimization
As you may know, incoming links are a very important factor for a website to rank higher in the search engines. Directory Submission is one of the most common ways of building one way incoming links to a website. This not only increases the page rank of a website but also improves the SERP's. It has been proved in the past that
This is a complete SEO package which includes all of our services (On-Page and META Tag Optimization, Directory Submission, Search Engine Submission, Article Writing, Article Submission, and Social Bookmarking).

In this service, we closely review your website and optimize the META content and then provide you a complete analysis on the changes required for your website to get a higher rank. After that, we move on to the search engine, directory submission service; and then the article writing, submission service. When finished with the writing and submissions, we start on with the Social Bookmarking and the Press Release service.

Basically, this package includes everything that is required for a massive increase in your website's backlinks. It will boost both your Google Page Rank and your search engine rankings. It may also get you a considerate amount of traffic leading to an increase in the Alexa rank of your website.
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In our On-Site Optimization Service, we do a full comparison and research on the niche of your website and its competitors. This includes a complete analysis on the keywords, content, competition, META tags, html tags, and the keyword frequency, weight, proximity and prominence.
On-site Optimization is very important for a website. A website can never get a good search engine rank if it is not properly optimized. It should have well optimized content and should make use of proper tags.
After optimizing the META Tags of your web pages, our SEO experts prepare a complete report which based on our analysis. The report tells you about the important changes required for your web page to get a better ranking for a particular keyword. This report also shows you some optional changes which you can make to further increase your rank.

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